Speed Up a Home Sale with Professional Staging

by Tawana Langford 05/30/2021

Staging is a marketing tool. Professional real estate stagers should be a member of your team when you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Consider staging as a method to enhance value and prompt an acceptable offer in the least amount of time. Your stager will target the “right” buyer, based on price, features and market trends to achieve results.

Planting a “Buy Idea”

Contrary to the popular notion of staging, it does not involve an effort to “sell,” but encourages the buyer to envision living in a particular home. Savvy buyers will already have determined that a specific property is within their budget, that it has the right number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and the location is right where they want it. Staging will reinforce the notion that the “good life” can become a reality in your house.

Focusing on “Best” Features

A professional stager will not attempt to highlight every feature of the home. The purpose is to provide a prospective buyer with a memorable impression that distinguishes a particular property from all others. Your stager will discuss with you the best ways to create a lasting impression, but be prepared to remove personal accessories for the duration of the home’s time on the market.

Minimizing Awkwardness

Most houses have at least one space that can seem difficult. A professional stager might disguise a perceived fault or suggest a remedy. Common requests include repainting a room, clearing kitchen and bath clutter or pulling weeds and placing pots full of colorful flowers near the front door to boost curb appeal.

Maximizing Existing Space

Your stager might want to remove or rearrange furniture or ask you to pack up and store out-of-season clothing, books, sports equipment and toys. Let prospective buyers get a sense of possibilities as they walk through your home. After all, the open space and manicured areas are great selling tools.

Magnifying Value

Professional staging is the best way to provoke the emotional reaction that will prompt a prospective buyer to submit an offer. Staged homes typically sell faster and at higher prices than comparable unstaged property.

Bringing a professional home stager onto your team is a great marketing move. You’ll learn the tips and secrets of selling your beloved home in no time with the help of your full real estate team.

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